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Name:Chaos to Order
Birthdate:Feb 25
Location:United States of America

Rarg I say!

Recent LJ transplant. Aren't most of us?

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1337 art skillz, _|_ suck it, alan rickman, alistair, amell, and one, androgyny, armor making, arnold j. rimmer, art, atheism, bauhaus, bdsm, bela lugosi, ben linus's creepy stare, benjamin linus, bitching, blam honey, bret mckenzie, bruce mcculloch, bulbasaur, captain jack harkness, cenobites, clive barker, costuming, covenant, daleks, dave foley, dave lister, david cronenberg, david tennant, desmond hume, dexter, diablo ii, doctor who, dragon age, dragon age: origins, drawing, drawing pornography, duran duran, ebm, electronic music, electropop, eraserhead, ferelden, fields of the nephilim, final fantasy, final fantasy vii, flight of the conchords, futurepop, gallifrey, girl drink drunk, graphic design, gyakuten saiban, half-life, harry potter, hawke, hellraiser, ianto jones, industrial music, jack/doctor, jack/ten, james "sawyer" ford, jemaine clement, john barrowman, john locke, kevin mcdonald, kids in the hall, killing joke, kozi, lady cousland, lister, lost, lost in translation, malice mizer, mark mckinney, martha jones, mass effect, metroid, michael emerson, miles edgeworth, ministry, misanthropy, my awesome iphone, nihilism, not being sympathetic, not drawing hands, painter, pessimism, peter murphy, phoenix wright, photoshop, pokémon, pr0n, queer as folk, red dwarf, richard alpert, rotersand, scott thompson, sephiroth, severus snape, shaun of the dead, silent hill, simon pegg/nick frost otp, slash, snape snape severus snape, soil & eclipse, spaced, stainless steel providers, suicide commando, sumerland, terry o'quinn, the cat, the dark lord, the dharma initiative, the tardis, the tenth doctor, time lords, torchwood, unrepentant slashing, videodrome, yaoi, ~__~
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